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Modern Solutions for Evolving Threats

Our Services

Threat Intel

  • Provide Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) teams with access to illicit online communities, including closed sources across the deep, dark, and open web and chat services platforms, as well as CVEs, IOCs, and other technical data.

  • Ongoing finished intelligence reporting and analytic support provide the technical and contextual analysis CTI teams need to identify, prioritize, and mitigate risks to their operating environments. Curated IOCs and contextualized CVE data allow CTI users to avoid alert fatigue and better support their internal security teams in responding to imminent or existing threats.

  • Access to the information-sharing community enables customers to collaborate with CTI users at peer institutions. During fast-moving incidents, customers can rapidly access, share, and discuss new insights in order to quickly understand and respond to their potential exposure to risk. Customers can also share strategic advice and best practices on an informal, day-to-day basis.

Social Media Takedowns

  • Automatic detection and removal of brand infringements and fraudulent activities across social media platforms 
  • Detection and removal of organic posts and paid ads for counterfeit products

  • Discovery and takedown of profiles impersonating executives

  • Takedown of external websites linked to social media fraud activity

  • 24/7 monitoring of social media platforms to discover new threats and ensure previous takedown success.

  • Covers Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, etc.

Network Solutions

  • Website Scanning - Our security scan instantly checks your website for malware, viruses and other cyber-threats and alerts you to these issues

  • Malware Removal - Our system detects and automatically removes malicious content from your website, creating a safe experience for your employees and customers

  • Vulnerability Patching - Our scanner allows you to easily check for website vulnerabilities in your CMS before they're exploited

  • Website Backup - Ensure secure backups of your website to protect against ransomware, hardware corruption and human error

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) - Our firewall capability provides uninterrupted protection against advanced cyberthreats

  • Content Delivery Network - Our system enables high volumes of website traffic with zero lag time, ensuring the best possible customer experience with no latency

Web Monitoring

Monitor the web to protect businesses, employees, and brands of all sizes.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We work across multiple platforms to ensure interoperability of our products and provide efficient solutions.

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