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Delivering emerging and disruptive cyber solutions to protect your enterprise

Solutions that address

Supply Chain Risk Management

  • In today’s complex global environment, Governments, Commercial Enterprises, and Regulated Industries need confidence in the operational resilience of their supply chain. Smartpoint Solutions delivers capabilities that protect organizations from a multitude of vulnerabilities around enterprise software, firmware, and hardware along with the ability to automate risk assessment, detection, and response.  

Cyber Crime Analytics and Investigative Tools

  • The extreme growth in cybercrime impacts organizations regardless of the sophistication of their current cybersecurity posture. Smartpoint Solutions provides tools that disrupt cybercrime and prevent cyber attacks by turning raw data into actionable outputs, and insights. We help protect enterprises from account takeover, data breaches, ransomware attacks, and online fraud, and allow security and fraud prevention teams to make a bigger impact.

Vulnerability Management

  • All organizations are highly susceptible to the multitude of cyber vulnerabilities that affect their environment, regardless of if they are identified and documented by cyber security research organizations or found in the wild. Developing a strong Vulnerability management program is essential to identifying, assessing, reporting on, managing and remediating cyber vulnerabilities across endpoints, supply chains, firmware, and the cloud. Smartpoint Solutions delivers a broad spectrum of offerings to safeguard against these vulnerabilities across your organization. 

Cyber Sourced Threat Intel

  • Cyber teams need actionable threat intelligence and platforms that allow them to gain visibility into global threats outside of their enterprise that are found on the surface, deep and dark web. Smartpoint Solutions provides a  broad spectrum of capabilities that allow organizations to detect, prioritize, and remediate emerging cyber threats. We partner with cyber threat intelligence companies who offer billions of data points, simple out-of-box integrations, and access to closed and open illicit communities across the surface, deep, and dark web.

We partner with our customers to enhance their cyber posture

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